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The Digital Frontier

on 16-May-2018 17:46:35 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Event reports
The VMware Executive Exchange took place at the Courthouse Hotel, London, on 15 May 2018. The purpose of the event was to understand how to create exceptional employee and customer experiences, which will allow organisations to drive business growth and reach the ‘digital frontier.’
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Digital Workplace

on 02-May-2018 17:16:28 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Guest Blogs Event reports
The evolution of the digital workplace: driving transformation through a user-centered approach
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The Future of Brands in a Post-Trust Era

on 02-May-2018 17:11:59 By | Abbie McMahon and Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
‘The Future of Brands in a Post-Truth Era’ evening took place on Tuesday 1 May at Soho Hotel. It was conducted in partnership with Sitecore and WPP.
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Acquia: Digital Factory Dinner

on 27-Apr-2018 16:50:33 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Activities & Updates Event reports
Optimising digital assets through the Digital Factory
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Rocket Fuel 2018 Insights

on 24-Apr-2018 12:43:29 By | Adam Stead and Charlie Gladwell | 0 Comments |
On 23 April we held our first Rocket Fuel summit.  Hopefully, after taking on some of the eponymous fuel, our attendees will feel ready  to fly ahead with their data strategy. For our part, it was a tremendous success. We're extremely proud of producing such an exciting event.
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The Information Supermarket

on 19-Apr-2018 12:07:37 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
‘The exchange of private information, that is what drives our economy. But you come after me because you can’t arrest a land mass.’
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Deleting Data

on 13-Apr-2018 11:02:05 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
Facebook has been under scrutiny due to its handling of users' data. What does this mean for the future of data security?
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Looking at the Future: Rory Cellan-Jones

on 13-Apr-2018 10:50:33 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
I catch up with Rory Cellan-Jones about how tech will change the world.
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Tandem CEO to Big Finance: ‘We’ll be eating your lunch.’

on 04-Apr-2018 16:02:13 By | Adam Stead | 2 Comments |
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Big Data, Big Tech, Big Backlash

on 29-Mar-2018 17:43:40 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Guest Blogs Event reports
Recent events involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica serve as a powerful reminder of the new technological era we are entering. Because this age of ‘big data’ is unprecedented, security breaches and data hacks are often dealt with retroactively, with companies facing severe backlash from their consumers who feel their information is not properly protected.
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