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Future of Brands Does Breakfast

on 12-Jul-2018 13:34:29 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership Event reports
Those familiar with Paris Hilton may know her trademark phrase, “That’s hot.” But that ‘trademark’ is more than just rhetorical: Hilton won a lawsuit against cardmaker Hallmark when they used the phrase in greeting cards. She is prudent when it comes to intellectual property; as she is with all her business interests, such as her cryptocurrency.
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The Humans are Coming...

on 10-Jul-2018 17:38:33 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments |
The Cybersecurity evening took place on 9 July at The Cavalry and Guards Club in Mayfair.  
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on 29-Jun-2018 09:50:47 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
I talk about Lego’s transformation with Lars Silberbauer
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The Cloud Strategy Dinner

on 28-Jun-2018 09:39:47 By | Kate Stevens and Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
The Cloud Strategy Dinner took place on 26 June at Searcys at the Gherkin. It was held in partnership with GTT, with the aim of exploring the future of cloud technology. GTT is an enterprise communications company focused on cloud. 
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Conducting the Smart Orchestra with Paul Clarke, CTO of Ocado

on 25-Jun-2018 14:17:36 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
I talk to Paul Clarke about education, machine learning, and the art of the mid-life crisis
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Customer Experience Breakfast Club

on 06-Jun-2018 10:59:12 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Event reports
The Customer Experience Breakfast Club took place at County Hall, London on 5 June 2018, with the intent of rethinking and rebuilding the customer experience management strategy.
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The Customer Experience & Experimentation Dinner

on 24-May-2018 17:22:50 By | Charlie Gladwell | 0 Comments | Event reports
  The Customer Experience & Experimentation Dinner took place on Wednesday 23 May in the lofty heights of AquaShard. Over fine food and wine, and the heads of London's commuters, industry leaders discussed experimentation as a means of achieving growth.
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The Digital Frontier

on 16-May-2018 17:46:35 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Event reports
The VMware Executive Exchange took place at the Courthouse Hotel, London, on 15 May 2018. The purpose of the event was to understand how to create exceptional employee and customer experiences, which will allow organisations to drive business growth and reach the ‘digital frontier.’
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Digital Workplace

on 02-May-2018 17:16:28 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Guest Blogs Event reports
The evolution of the digital workplace: driving transformation through a user-centered approach
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The Future of Brands in a Post-Trust Era

on 02-May-2018 17:11:59 By | Abbie McMahon and Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
‘The Future of Brands in a Post-Truth Era’ evening took place on Tuesday 1 May at Soho Hotel. It was conducted in partnership with Sitecore and WPP. We will be continuing the conversation through our 'Future of Brands does Breakfast' series, starting off with 'The Value-Defined Customer Journey' on Wednesday 11th July. Find out more here.
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