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Conquering Infrastructure Complexity

on 21-Oct-2020 17:54:33 By | Louisa Cervero | 1 Comment | Event reports
Today’s modern enterprise relies heavily on solid infrastructure and is crucial in supporting innovative practices within an organisation. However, before organisations can even get to innovation they need to overcome the complexity of their infrastructure. How do businesses ensure that their data management systems, whether on-prem, cloud or hybrid, have the capabilities to drive successful innovation? Nimbus Ninety members gathered online to discuss the issues presented by complexities in the modern data management environment, and how these demand organisations to constantly evolve. 
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Trusted Analytics for Insight Driven Success

on 18-Sep-2020 08:53:07 By | Louisa Cervero | 2 Comments | Event reports
Trust is a vital component of any data strategy. When users trust the data, it can be used accurately and efficiently to provide invaluable BI. However, when users have doubts about the data, it can be detrimental to the insight extraction process because of the lack of consistency and clarity across the organisation.   Nimbus Ninety members gathered online to discuss how to build trust, user engagement and adoption and encourage cultural change using an analytics platform to foster greater collaboration.
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The Route to Rapid Innovation

on 29-Jul-2020 17:00:28 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Event reports
Innovation is the lifeblood of organisations: it is where new opportunities lie and allows the organisation to rejuvenate itself and respond to change. However with greater pressure on IT teams to deliver and reduce cost, the steps to achieve innovation are littered with challenges. Nimbus Ninety members gathered online to discuss how to optimise and reduce costs while responding rapidly to changing business priorities as a result of COVID-19.   
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The Secrets to the Data-Driven Enterprise

on 29-Jul-2020 10:57:43 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Event reports
It’s no secret that organisations that are data-driven outperform the rest in terms of growth, efficiency and innovation. The question is how they do it. As data-driven companies begin to dominate the market, the challenge is to understand how they get the most out of their data and apply it to the most critical of their business challenges.  Nimbus Ninety members gathered online with DataStax, an open source, cloud-native database provider, to discuss the different technologies that are driving recovery and growth, as well as to explore what the path is to becoming a data-driven enterprise.  
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Unleash Infrastructure Innovation

on 26-Jun-2020 10:47:13 By | Jess Thorpe | 0 Comments | Event reports
Building a digital business that harnesses the massive potential of data, requires a new approach to infrastructure. Yet, adopting the right cloud strategy and delivering data innovation is highly complex. IT leaders convened for virtual breakfast in partnership with Equinix, to share experiences and discuss how to unleash infrastructure innovation.
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Delivering Through Adversity

on 18-Jun-2020 18:14:31 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Event reports
Since the beginning of May, 62% of businesses in the UK have reported a decrease in turnover outside of the normal range.1 As the global pandemic impacts businesses agnostic of size or age, affected organisations must find new strategies to keep businesses running. One major challenge is maintaining short-term response alongside mid-term strategies for the future. As the world goes virtual, infrastructure needs to be optimised, remote working delivered and data volumes supported.  Nimbus Ninety members gathered for a virtual breakfast to discuss the challenges of repositioning for a new future and the imperatives for short-term response. 
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Navigating the Storm

on 10-Jun-2020 10:56:52 By | Jess Thorpe | 0 Comments | Event reports
When society is shifting, how do you identify short-term consumer trends versus the lasting impacts? That’s the key question facing insight and product innovation teams navigating these turbulent times. Nimbus Ninety members leading CPG teams convened virtually, to explore how social data can yield answers.
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The New Reality of Work

on 20-May-2020 12:52:57 By | Jess Thorpe | 0 Comments | Event reports
The gradual reshaping of office life has been underway for some time, but the shift to remote work witnessed globally in the past few months has unleashed a fundamental rethink of what the office is for. Members convened for a fascinating virtual breakfast in partnership with Zscaler,  to discuss how to adapt culturally and technically to this new world.
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The Rule of Ten: Innovating Through Crisis

on 24-Apr-2020 11:31:15 By | Rich Corbridge | 0 Comments | Event reports
“In the next ten months, we will see change that was previously going to take ten years to happen.”  So I read in an article a couple of weeks ago, sent to me by a friend and colleague. For the last year, I have been in a role where I am constantly working to create what it means to be a disruptive leader of innovation. Suddenly, the world has changed in weeks. No longer am I creating the catalyst for change, but trying to keep up with the change that is happening around us so that we can plan for the future: a future called “the new normal”.
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The Rise of the Software Robots

on 24-Apr-2020 10:49:45 By | Jess Thorpe | 0 Comments | Event reports
Automation has always been with us. 200 years ago, on average half of the labour force in Europe was working the land.1 Today, this number is about 5%. Looking for the opportunities to automate has carried us into modernity - and it is nothing to fear.
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