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The Personal Standard

on 21-Feb-2019 15:53:26 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
Priya Khullar, Head of Customer Experience and Insight at Sky Spain, tells me about personalisation in a data-driven world. 
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Shaping Finance: Insights from the Industry

on 14-Feb-2019 16:58:51 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
Dr Andrei Kirilenko, Director of the FinTech Centre at Imperial College, talks FinTech and challenger banks.
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Trending Beyond the Hashtag

on 31-Jan-2019 17:14:05 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
A look at marketing to a generation of “woke” sceptics.
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Shaking Up The Standards

on 24-Jan-2019 17:01:20 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
Q: What do voice assistants, a vegan sausage roll and a razor advert have in common? A: They all shook things up.  
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Mastering Digital Process Automation Breakfast

on 13-Dec-2018 09:51:02 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
In the beginning, there was chaos. A large part of work is organising chaos into order; first into systems, and then into processes.
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Marketing To The Data-Conscious Consumer

on 03-Dec-2018 18:07:28 By | Hannah Nommé | 0 Comments |
Today, brands are faced with trawling through massive amounts of data to attempt to personalise their consumer’s experience.
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Work Reimagined: Agency at Work

on 30-Nov-2018 11:38:52 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments |
The Nimbus Ninety Team takes on the different themes from our most recent summit. 
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Chief Disruptor LIVE

on 28-Nov-2018 17:31:24 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments |
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Work Reimagined: Capability Through AI

on 23-Nov-2018 10:45:02 By | Holly Bedeau | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Guest Blogs Event reports
Our Work Reimagined summit took place on 5 November, with over 30 speakers and panel members, and 150 attendees.
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Building the Digital Experience

on 22-Nov-2018 17:48:56 By | Anar Bata | 0 Comments | Guest Blogs Thought Leadership Event reports
During a dinner held in partnership with Dept and Crownpeak, Nimbus Ninety members discussed how to build intelligent experiences in regulated industries.
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