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10 Lessons Learnt from Scaling Hyper-Growth Businesses

on 05-Oct-2021 16:24:09 By | Ann Roberts | 0 Comments | Guest Blogs Thought Leadership
Ann Roberts, Chief People Officer at Flo Health and ex-HR Director of Bumble, shares her lessons on how to effectively scale talent and culture in fast-growing tech businesses.
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Securing the Future of Working-from-Anywhere

on 04-Oct-2021 15:18:58 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
As we approach 2022, organisations are looking at long-term strategic approaches to enabling remote work.  As IT and business leaders plan a vision for this new future,  security and risk mitigation are at the top of their agendas. This shift also requires a new approach towards employee accessibility and trust. Nimbus Ninety and Ping Identity sat down with IT and security leaders to discuss their long-term plans of enabling work-from-anywhere and in particular, how their approaches to security and passwordless authentication.
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The Journey to Frictionless CX

on 30-Sep-2021 17:17:21 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Event reports
Delivering frictionless CX has never been more important. In the last 18 months, we’ve seen widespread migration to online-first for customers across the globe. As a result, customer expectations online have rapidly shape-shifted. Today the customer experience really matters: 67% of customers claim they have higher CX standards than ever before. Yet simultaneously, 66% of enterprises say their customers demand stronger security and privacy. This presents a tricky question for business leaders. Should they prioritise a frictionless customer experience or a highly secure one? 
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Articulating the Disruptive Investment Gap

on 15-Sep-2021 12:30:00 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Tech commentator Benedict Evans asked in 2018, “we hear that Tesla is ‘the new iPhone’ - what would that mean?... How do we think about whether something is disruptive? If it is, who exactly gets disrupted? And does that disruption mean that one company wins in the new world? Which one?”
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Forecasting the New Work Reality

on 09-Sep-2021 12:30:00 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Earlier this year, Rest of World published the stories of nine workers across the world who turned their homes into makeshift offices during the pandemic. They ranged from a logistics specialist in Kyrgyzstan, a chef in Bangkok, a marketing consultant in Bangladesh and an environmental campaigner in Seoul. Their jobs are varied, but the pain points are similar: distractions at home, less effective team collaboration, connectivity issues, blurred lines between work and personal lives.
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How to Get the Most out of Big Data

on 08-Sep-2021 14:58:44 By | Nimbus Ninety Editorial | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Auto Trader is taking data to car-buying. Automobile “search” is a complicated task; and I wondered what lessons can be taken across from this area to other companies embarking on a journey with data science. Dr Peter Appleby has been leading the charge: he’s been with Auto Trader’s Data Science team for over five years, making him the perfect person to discuss the challenges of taking on Big Data.
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Meet the disruptive business and technology leaders who are thriving in a new world...

on 23-Aug-2021 17:58:19 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Speakers & Partners
Following on from Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual April 2021 where leaders focussed on recovery and growth from the global pandemic, Chief Disruptor LIVE October 2021 will take a look forwards to a post-pandemic business environment exploring how organisations can flourish in a brave new world. Although the uncertainty and struggles of the pandemic are far from over, our 2021 Digital Trends Report illustrated a newfound optimism amongst businesses. 64% of organisations see opportunities coming out of the impacts of the pandemic with only 16% considering there to be major threats to their organisations.  With organisations now looking towards long-term fundamental change as opposed to short-term quick fixes, the prevailing mood in the year ahead is that organisations will no longer focus on surviving but thriving. The year ahead is set to be the chance for businesses to forge new realities out of fresh possibilities. From putting the customer first, to accelerating the journey to data maturity, to navigating hybrid-working and recruiting Gen Z, business and technology leaders are changing their priorities and harvesting the fortuity of the moment. We asked some of our speakers and supporting partners at Chief Disruptor LIVE October 2021 what their top tip is for thriving in a new world. Here’s what they had to say.
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Transforming Ways of Working

on 04-Aug-2021 16:29:16 By | Clara Buckley | 0 Comments | Event reports
Rapid technology changes are fuelling a “fourth industrial revolution” which is fundamentally altering the way people, live, work and relate to one another. This has been accelerated in the public sector with Intel finding that COVID-19 has brought forward digital transformation by up to 7 years. It is now more important than ever to focus on the key technology trends impacting global governments: cybersecurity, 5G, cloud, artificial intelligence and future ways of working. Intel, with their “digital readiness for leaders programme”, has educated and empowered government leaders on these emerging technologies. Representatives of the UK Government and Defence gathered to hear the insights Intel had to move forward and transform ways of working through technology-enabled opportunities.
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Data Maturity in Manufacturing

on 28-Jul-2021 12:30:07 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Event reports
Today’s manufacturing industry is awash with huge amounts of data that could offer significant insight into operations and strategy. However, many enterprises face challenges with data quality, accessibility, literacy and insight within their organisations. Research produced by Cognizant and MuleSoft in partnership with Nimbus Ninety highlighted some of the key areas for improvement for manufacturers, as well as outlining the steps needed to achieve data maturity. Manufacturing leaders gathered online to hear the headline insights that came out of the research, and to discuss the path forward to data maturity.
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on 21-Jul-2021 17:11:08 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
Getting more value out of data was considered the number one digital initiative for businesses in the short term, according to Nimbus Ninety’s 2021 Digital Trends Report. Yet, a recent Deloitte survey discovered that 63% of business leaders say that their companies are not yet “analytics-driven”. So, how can organisations cross the gap from aspiration to action?
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