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Zykinder Aujla-Singh

Zykinder is the Content and Conference Producer at Nimbus Ninety. She explores new and emerging trends in the business and tech world, and creates engaging events for our community of disruptive leaders.

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on 21-Jul-2021 17:11:08 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
Getting more value out of data was considered the number one digital initiative for businesses in the short term, according to Nimbus Ninety’s 2021 Digital Trends Report. Yet, a recent Deloitte survey discovered that 63% of business leaders say that their companies are not yet “analytics-driven”. So, how can organisations cross the gap from aspiration to action?
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Embarking On The DevOps Journey With Enterprise Applications

on 08-Jul-2021 11:51:59 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
In 2021, 83% of teams reported that they’re under pressure to accelerate the pace of delivery thanks to DevOps. Establishing a centralised DevOps programme and following proven strategies for evolving traditional packaged application quality processes allows for faster, safer enterprise application releases. But the journey to DevOps maturity is not an easy one: it requires a culture change for organisations, incremental implementation, and a fearlessness in the face of failure. 
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Revolutionising Customer Journeys

on 18-Jun-2021 14:28:10 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
Consumers are more discerning and demanding, so organisations must find ways to engage and serve clients while improving both the customer and employee experiences. The pandemic has illustrated that these organisations that have not leveraged the capabilities of AI risk being left in the dust by the digital transformation disruptors. According to Nimbus Ninety’s 2021 Digital Trends Report, the number one challenge for organisations when it comes to serving customers effectively is an inability to deliver a consistent experience across all channels. 
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Driving Digital Leadership

on 10-Jun-2021 18:08:37 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation strategies of many a strategically languid organisation. This wake-up call from digital inertia has set leaders on the path of a decentralised approach to IT infrastructure, utilising networks, cloud and data to build a digital advantage.
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Inclusive Thinking: Rebalancing Organisational Diversity

on 09-Jun-2021 15:15:49 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Aside from the pandemic, society has faced multiple seismic shifts in the fabric of society as we entered the 2020s. From Black Lives Matter to the “Me Too” movement, “diversity” and “inclusion” have become the buzzwords of the new decade. So how can organisations be seen to be taking the issue of workplace diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging seriously as opposed to jumping on the social activism bandwagon? At Chief Disruptor LIVE Virtual April 2021, our Senior Editor Shammah Banerjee sat down with Brandie Deignan, Chief Executive Officer of Pier Health Group, Ann Roberts, Chief People Officer of Flo Health, Abigail Wilmore, Chief People Officer at Stella McCartney, and Commodore Steve Prest, Deputy Director Acquisition at the Royal Navy. The group passionately debated the visibility of women in leadership positions, the importance of creating a sense of belonging, and the controversial accusation of organisational “virtue signalling”.
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Connect More: How To De-risk Your Enterprise App Integrations

on 26-May-2021 16:14:07 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
Digital transformation is necessary for businesses to grow, to increase revenue and to reduce costs. However, when it comes to enterprise applications, there are additional challenges around customisations, updates and upgrades that IT teams must keep up with in addition to maintaining business-as-usual. Cost, speed, quality and risk are at the top of the agenda for safe and efficient releases of enterprise application updates, integrations and customisations.  So, how can businesses minimise the risk of enterprise application integrations? Tricentis sat down with DevOps experts to discuss the importance of de-risking enterprise application integrations by using end-to-end test automation tools.
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Smart Cities & Flying Cars: The Dystopian and the Disruptive

on 18-May-2021 11:57:40 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
When it comes to the future of our cities, business mavericks like Elon Musk have captured the public imagination with the potential that technology has to define a landscape. With the world of logistics, delivery and supply chain completely altered by the pandemic, how transport connects has become more important than ever.  At Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual April 2021, Nimbus Ninety’s founder and Managing Director, Emma Taylor, interviewed Karla Jakeman, Innovation Lead for Connected Transport at Innovate UK, to learn more about how data and emerging technologies are fuelling the future of mobility. 
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Tech Tackling the Climate Crisis: In Conversation with Ahmad Mu'Azzam, CEO and Founder of Evocco

on 14-May-2021 12:48:27 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Tech is at the forefront of tackling the climate crisis. As part of Chief Disruptor LIVE Spring 2021, we held a fireside chat with CEO and Founder of Evocco, Ahmad Mu’azzam, who is tackling the climate crisis with his innovative app.  In 2017, he and his co-founder, Hugh, realised their mutual passion for sustainability and, specifically, for tackling the climate crisis. They both endeavoured to dedicate their professional careers to support people to drastically change their lifestyles. Evocco is an app that allows users to track, improve, and offset food shopping emissions with a simple snap of a shopping receipt. Shammah and Ahmad discuss how tech is changing the way we are thinking and talking about food, how plant-based diets are on the rise, and how businesses need to illustrate to consumers that they truly are invested in “the common good”.
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How to Excel in the Efficiency Era

on 12-May-2021 14:16:00 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
In Nimbus Ninety’s Digital Trends Report, improving customer experience was the top driver of digital initiatives in the next 6 months. However, businesses face a multitude of complications. The challenge of minimising the costs and man-hours spent on tedious data-input processes is exasperated by the need to maximise ROI on digitising processes. Nonetheless, in 2021, digitising and automating processes topped the list of initiatives considered most effective to enhance the customer experience. So how can sales order automation revolutionise process efficiency, and in turn, supercharge customer experience?   Conexiom sat down with CX, operations and digital transformation leaders to discuss how sales order automation can help organisations develop a competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer service.
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Perfecting Personalisation

on 07-May-2021 16:46:08 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Event reports
In Nimbus Ninety’s Digital Trend Report 2021, joining up customer data was ranked by half of the respondents (51%) as one of the biggest business obstacles as customer interaction becomes increasingly virtual. This is a data problem that more often than not isolates the customer from the marketing planning process. So how can organisations utilise data to supercharge emotional engagement and boost lifetime value? Organisations are not only struggling to accurately understand their customers but often accusations are made that the process of acquiring data insights is creepy. So how do organisations create end-to-end customer engagement that fulfils both the organisation’s and customer’s needs? In partnership with Cheetah Digital, customer experience and personalisation professionals across retail & FMCG explored the path to personalisation, fuelled by the odd glass of wine and a selection of cheeses.
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