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Chief Disruptor, Nimbus Ninety’s Magazine

Posted by Adam Stead | 20-Dec-2017 14:32:18

Calling all disruptors…

Propelled by innovation, members rarely have time to digest the change which they fuel. To understand the whirlwind from above, look no further: Nimbus Ninety is pleased to announce the release of its magazine, Chief Disruptor.

Download the Magazine

Compiled by our Editor, Adam Stead, Chief Disruptor takes readers through every change in technology, from the conglomerating of the tech giants through to the helter skelter of cryptocurrency valuations. Read to find out:

  • The most overhyped new technology of the last year, with technologist and TV presenter Spencer Kelly
  • Will London carry on as Britain’s smartest city? From the Digital Cities Team at Accenture
  • Why IBM isn’t concerned about AI’s effects on the job market, from their chief evangelist, Jeremy Waite
  • What are the key indicators that a start-up will fail, from the founder of a ratings agency for start-ups
  • Whether diplomacy will prevent the next WannaCry, from Dr Tim Stevens, an expert in Global Security from KCL
  • How tech can take the pain out of refugee settlement, from an organisation using the technology which underpins Tinder for good

The magazine will be published quarterly and the first edition which can be downloaded here. Coupled with our Digital Trends Report, this is an invaluable tool with which to face the year to come and the challenges that it will bring.


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Written by Adam Stead

As Research & Content Producer, Adam finds and publishes up-to-date expertise regarding how disruptive technology will drive change business and life.

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