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Market Trends Report - Mapping the current perceptions, opportunities and outlook of enterprise digital disruption

Posted by Adam Stead | 10-Jan-2015 00:00:00

If we do not adapt, we will not continue to exist. New, niche players can gain market share very quickly by making use of digital channels to create a pull for their products

"76% agree the changes of digital disruption are as significant as the likes of globalisation & the proliferation of the PC"

Welcome to our second Market Trends Report. This report maps the current perceptions, innovation opportunities and outlook surrounding enterprise digital disruption.

The ever-increasing pace of development and all-encompassing scope of the new innovative tools and working paradigms at our disposal has created an era of business transformation. No longer the preserve of the IT teams alone, these developments are bringing huge opportunities - necessities even - for engagement and change among all professions, departments and disciplines.

Not every emerging technology will alter the business landscape - but some will have the potential to significantly disrupt the status quo, wiping out established business models and reshaping the competitive landscape. It's going to be a perilous journey to competitive advantage in the digital age and only those with winning strategies will succeed.

Traditional business models and approaches don't just cut it in this agile new world. New policies and procedures will need to be aligned in such a way to foster and enable flexibility and innovation. Leaders will need to adapt faster and organisations will need to place digital at the heart of their business strategy.

These are just some of the issues we will explore within this Market Trends Report, which aims to uncover what senior executives really think about the threats and opportunities of digital disruption and the steps they are taking to harness or react to the changes.


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Topics: Research & Reports

Written by Adam Stead

As Research & Content Producer, Adam finds and publishes up-to-date expertise regarding how disruptive technology will drive change business and life.

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