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The Digital Trends Report 2018: An Introduction

Posted by Adam Stead | 10-Jan-2018 11:31:11

Nimbus Ninety is currently preparing for our annual Converge event, which will be taking place on the 5th of February. “Converge” will mark the release of our Digital Trends Report 2018.

The Digital Trends Report is hugely exciting: it’s our big, annual quantitative research document which goes out to all our members. It refines the insight of hundreds of C-level members into a single insight-rich report.

The sections of the report include:

  • Competition: our members assess the threat from tech giants.
  • Strategy: what are the smart places to invest this year’s budget?
  • Skills: read how AI will change skills market requirements.
  • Customers: how will mass data collection affect relationships with users?
  • Hindsight: find out what members felt their pain points and failures were as they undertook digital projects last year.
  • Foresight. What will be the most disruptive technologies in 2018?

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Alongside the report we have talked to several experts able to provide key insights on a section by section basis.

  • Philip Green, the CFO of Deliveroo, will talk about strategy and his tips for managing growth.
  • Martin Warnes, the Managing Director of, explains changes in the skills market to date, and how he expects it to develop going forward.
  • Professor Rose Luckin, Learner Centered Design from University College London, explores how AI will affect the UK in a macroeconomic sense.
  • Robert Bridge, the CCO of the Telegraph, discusses how their relationship with customers will change; and the key drivers changing it.
  • Bruce Daisley, the VP of EMEA at Twitter, argues that organisations can innovate using hindsight and feedback, without being paralysed by them.
  • Finally David Mattin, the Head of Insights at TrendWatchers, will talk about how consumer trends are formed in the first place, and the methodology for anticipating them.

We're very excited about the report. If you'd like to receive an email alerting you when the Digital Trends Report 2018 becomes available to download, you can request one via this link

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Written by Adam Stead

As Research & Content Producer, Adam finds and publishes up-to-date expertise regarding how disruptive technology will drive change business and life.

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