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Mobilising a Generation

on 05-Sep-2019 14:04:38 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
IN CONVERSATION WITH MANJULA LEE, FOUNDER AND CEO OF WORLD WIDE GENERATION The June issue of TIME magazine flopped through my letterbox with sombre urgency earlier this year. On the cover Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, gazes at the camera, sad and preoccupied, as he stands thigh-deep in muddy water. Below him float the words, “Our Sinking Planet”. 
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Innovating Through Noise with Bruce Daisley

on 05-Oct-2018 09:52:24 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Research & Reports Case Studies & Interviews Thought Leadership
Bruce Daisley is the VP of EMEA at Twitter. We discuss how to innovate in spite of perceived failure and protest. 
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Looking at the Future: Rory Cellan-Jones

on 13-Apr-2018 10:50:33 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
I catch up with Rory Cellan-Jones about how tech will change the world.
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Going Horizontal: Thinking Differently about Your Assets with the MD of Accenture Digital

on 02-Feb-2018 16:29:13 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews Thought Leadership
Coal, oil, gas, mining; these industries have long been dominated by a few massive players. The price of their product is so volatile, and the barriers to entry so high, that they are very difficult to break into. These are highly regulated industries with deep impact to global economy, so many different angles need to be covered before change occurs.
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Chief Disruptor, Nimbus Ninety’s Magazine

Calling all disruptors… Propelled by innovation, members rarely have time to digest the change which they fuel. To understand the whirlwind from above, look no further: Nimbus Ninety is pleased to announce the release of its magazine, Chief Disruptor.
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on 13-Sep-2017 10:44:47 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Antoine Baschiera is the CEO of Early Metrics, a rating agency for start-ups and innovative SMEs looking at non-financial metrics. As ‘start-up culture’ goes, now is an interesting time; more start-ups, more venture capitalists, and more corporates, enter the market every year.
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Expert Perspective: The Cusp Of The Matrix

on 30-Aug-2017 09:30:00 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Catherine Allen is an immersive media specialist, having led the production of two of the BBC’s first VR experiences and contributed on VR to WIRED. I wanted to ask her what the future holds for VR, and to find out, we all be living in virtual spaces in the future?
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on 22-Aug-2017 16:16:25 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews
Presenter, technologist, gadget-user… Spencer Kelly has spent years on the technological vanguard, examining potential advances, from the life-saving to the inane. Today, as AI capabilities move forward, Kelly tells me what he thinks the future holds.
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Expert Perspective: Stay Sane, says your robot.

on 26-Jul-2017 15:25:37 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Case Studies & Interviews Thought Leadership
Nick Taylor, of the mental health app ‘Unmind’, talks about new technology, cultural shift, and mental health. The topic “mental health” has reached a critical milestone of relevance: politicians have begun to posture around it. Both major parties in the UK have referred to it in their most recent manifesto, and the Conservatives called current treatment provision a ‘burning injustice’.
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Customer Experience Dinner

on 21-Jul-2017 14:31:06 By | Adam Stead | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Case Studies & Interviews
This interactive dinner took place at the Covent Garden Hotel on the 29th June. It was a dinner for industry leaders from backgrounds as diverse as letting agencies, the public sector, and digital marketing experts. The dinner was held in association with DocuSign.
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