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Our editorial team produces interviews with disruptors and innovators from across industries and curates insights from learning organisations, all focused specifically on disruption 

Meet the disruptive business and technology leaders who are thriving in a new world...

on 23-Aug-2021 17:58:19 By | Zykinder Aujla-Singh | 0 Comments | Speakers & Partners
Following on from Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual April 2021 where leaders focussed on recovery and growth from the global pandemic, Chief Disruptor LIVE October 2021 will take a look forwards to a post-pandemic business environment exploring how organisations can flourish in a brave new world. Although the uncertainty and struggles of the pandemic are far from over, our 2021 Digital Trends Report illustrated a newfound optimism amongst businesses. 64% of organisations see opportunities coming out of the impacts of the pandemic with only 16% considering there to be major threats to their organisations.  With organisations now looking towards long-term fundamental change as opposed to short-term quick fixes, the prevailing mood in the year ahead is that organisations will no longer focus on surviving but thriving. The year ahead is set to be the chance for businesses to forge new realities out of fresh possibilities. From putting the customer first, to accelerating the journey to data maturity, to navigating hybrid-working and recruiting Gen Z, business and technology leaders are changing their priorities and harvesting the fortuity of the moment. We asked some of our speakers and supporting partners at Chief Disruptor LIVE October 2021 what their top tip is for thriving in a new world. Here’s what they had to say.
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Work Reimagined: igeneration

on 16-Nov-2018 10:39:24 By | Hannah Nommé & Ella Clarke | 0 Comments | Speakers & Partners Guest Blogs Event reports
The Nimbus Ninety Team takes on the different themes from our most recent summit.
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Chief Disruptor, Nimbus Ninety’s Magazine

Calling all disruptors… Propelled by innovation, members rarely have time to digest the change which they fuel. To understand the whirlwind from above, look no further: Nimbus Ninety is pleased to announce the release of its magazine, Chief Disruptor.
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Help Shape Our Future

on 28-Jun-2016 14:49:56 By | Freya Wallace | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Speakers & Partners
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” We get a huge buzz from hearing members’ success stories: A light-bulb moment that happened at one of our quarterly IGNITE summits, or a conversation over dinner that turns into a working partnership, or even insight gained from a brainstorming session.
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The Core to a Successful Digital Strategy: creating a digital culture

The days when a business was considered leading-edge for having a digital strategy encompassing mobile, e-commerce and social media feel long gone. In fact some would argue that, in the ‘digital age’ we now live, a business could hardly survive without these customary ‘bolt-on’ digital tools. This, of course, is debatable but one thing is for sure, the true ‘digital leaders’ have a lot more to their digital strategies than only these digital offerings.
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First speakers for IGNITE May 15

on 12-Dec-2014 15:50:00 By | Mark Young | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates IGNITE Summits Speakers & Partners
The next Nimbus Ninety IGNITE digital innovation and business transformation summit takes place on May 12 & 13, 2015.
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Disruptive Insights.

Chief Disruptor LIVE May 2022 Recap

Chief Disruptor LIVE made an incredible in-person return last week at The May Fair Hotel. Members, partners and speakers all converged for a day of

Simplifying and De-Risking Big Data Cloud Migrations - Part 2

Whether organisations are mid-migration or yet to start their journey, complex, risky and expensive big data cloud migrations are staring them in the

Recruiting Gen Z with Chipotle

Hiring new talent is no longer just about what the employees can offer, but what value the organisation can provide in return. As our State of

Innovation in Revenue: Growth Strategies in the Next Normal

Sales and marketing teams have been under immense pressure from the unpredictability and uncertainty of the last 2 years and, arguably, today’s

A Paradigm Shift in Technology Risk Management

Cyber and ransomware attacks have bumped up the priority list of board-level decision makers, and for good reason - 75% of UK businesses have been

Beyond Reality - With Joe Williams, Head of Immersive Tech at LADBible

Our 2022 Disruptive Trends Report highlighted that augmented reality and virtual reality will become a key tool to engage audiences in the next 3

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